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Pearl Necklace

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Fabulous is the middle name for a pearl necklace. With its delicate & mesmerizing luster, chic look and feminine vibe, the pearl necklace is a jewelry icon. From irresistible pearl chokers to long pearl necklaces, a woman can’t have enough pearls. So which one is your favorite? Do you love the feeling of wearing a classic pearl necklace with pearl earrings? Prefer the glam of a long pearl necklace that you can wear with a deep-V neckline? Or are you into chic pearl pendants that are easy to style with sterling silver hoop earrings? Regardless of the answer, you will discover the pearl necklace of your dreams in our collection. Scroll down to see our amazing creations and also discover great ideas for Mother’s Day jewelry....Read more

Why & where to buy a pearl necklace?

Any woman who loves jewelry has at least one pearl necklace in her collection. With its unique glam and inner elegance, this type of necklace easily becomes addictive. And because pearls are very trendy this season, now you can shop for pearl necklaces that aren’t necessarily classic designs. Baroque pearls, black pearls, necklaces with a contemporary twist–all these are available for you to try on and match with cartilage earrings, for example. Discover your love for pearls and the necklace that represents your style in Ana Luisa’s pearl necklaces collection.

How to wear a pearl necklace?

For those of you who want to reinvent this classic jewelry piece, we have a fabulous idea. Get a pearl necklace with a frontal toggle clasp. Wear it with an A-line dress and lacquer boots. Match the necklace with geometric earrings or safety pin earrings and a charm bracelet. You can also reinvent a classic princess-length pearl necklace by layering it with a chain necklace to create a layered necklaces look. Go for crystal earrings, dainty rings and a solid color tee and you are ready to go out in style.

How to clean a pearl necklace?

Be very careful with pearls because they can get scratched or damaged by water. Clean your necklace with a damp lint-free cloth and dry it off before storing it inside the jewelry box. And because pearls are organic gems, don’t store them in an airtight bag. They don’t like direct contact with water, but they need the moisture in the air to maintain their luster.

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