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Chain Necklace


A simple chain necklace is an essential jewelry piece that you get to style with any other jewelry. Dependable, chic and always stylish, a chain necklace is a must-have essential jewelry piece. Do you want to spruce up your jewelry collection by adding to it a new necklace with a fabulous design? Then all you have to do is scroll down. At Ana Luisa, we have selected a couple of our most coveted chain necklaces. From chic rose gold necklace with ball chain designs to classic silver and gold chain necklaces, there are gorgeous designs waiting for you in our collection below. Check them out and choose the best necklace that suits your style....Read more

Why & where to get a chain necklace?

You need a chic chain necklace in your jewelry collection. This essential jewelry piece is easy to style and comfortable to wear. You can add a beautiful pendant to it or style it with other necklaces to create a layered look. Besides the multitude of styling options, a chain necklace is also great because it works on any occasion. And even when you are out of inspiration, you can simply wear your necklace to elevate your outfit. Get a gorgeous and unique necklace from Ana Luisa’s selection to spruce up your jewelry collection.

How to style a chain necklace?

Choose a delicate rose gold chain necklace with a ball link design. Wear it with a simple blouse with a boat neckline and a midi skirt. Accessorize your necklace with rose gold ball studs and a chic ring with a moonstone or pearl gem. Wear strappy sandals and a clutch in a vibrant color to get an impeccable and fashionable look.

How to clean a chain necklace?

Clean your chain necklace with a lint-free cloth that you soak in warm water. Rub it gently until you remove all the dirt and let it dry off. To prevent your necklace from getting tangled inside the jewelry box, store it on a necklace tree. Keep your chic necklace away from water and don’t let it near harsh chemicals like perfumes and body lotions.