Our jewelry

Quality that's here to stay

Trends come and go, but quality remains...and happens to be good for the environment.

Imagined by our team of designers based in New York and crafted in vetted factories around the world, our pieces are intuitive and thoughtful, simple pleasures to look at and live in everyday.

Meet our materials

Let us be clear...crystal clear...supply chains should never be opaque. We’re sharing more information about where our materials come from and how they are processed than ever before, setting a new standard of accountability for the jewelry industry.

Gold plated brass necklace

Gold Plated Brass

Brass is known for its strength and durability, and can last for a very long time with reasonable care and maintenance. We use brass and an extra-thick layer of recycled 14K gold for a sheen that captivates.

Gold plated sterling silver Sia earrings

Gold Plated Sterling Silver

A timeless staple of everyday collections, our Sterling Silver is recycled and made of 92.5% pure silver.

Lab grown diamond earrings

Lab Grown Diamonds

Shine without the mine. Cruelty-free lab-grown diamonds have the same brilliance and clarity as natural diamonds and will keep their sparkle forever.

From us to you with love

From earth to ear. Nature to neckline. Our pieces journey to you safe and sound with 100% recyclable shipping materials and reusable boxes and cotton pouches.


Our eco-mailers are made from 100% FSC-certified and recycled cardboard.

Cotton Pouch

Our cotton pouches find second lives as the perfect container for credit cards, coins, or treats!

Gift Box

Give unboxing a better reputation, with our 100% recycled cardboard gift boxes.

Earring/Necklace Card

Our earrings and necklaces are mounted on 100% FSC-certified recycled paper.