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Gold Earrings


Gold earrings are your cheat sheet when you want to get a stylish look with minimal effort. With their glamorous golden luster, they instantly upgrade any outfit and look fantastic with any color. As there are many types of gold earrings, we have put together a fabulous collection that will help you get the best pair of earrings that matches your style. From solid gold hoop earrings and delicate gold pearl earrings to gold chandelier earrings and minimal gold studs, you will discover unique creations in our collection. Scroll down to see our designs and choose the best pair of gold earrings....Read more

Why & where to buy gold earrings?

Regardless of the style that you choose, you need at least one pair of gold earrings in your jewelry collection. They are versatile, beautiful and the perfect mix between glamour and practicality. A pair of gold earrings is great for any occasion and looks fabulous with any color, even with a monochrome look. Besides that, gold earrings are durable, they maintain their beautiful shine and they can be worn by anybody. Last, but not least, you can choose between elegant white gold, romantic rose gold or glamorous yellow gold.

How to wear gold earrings?

We love bold and creative ideas, so here is one of them. Get a pair of rose gold stud earrings and wear them with your hair up so that they are visible. Put on a yellow gold dainty chain necklace and a white gold chunky ring. Tie up your look with three stacked bangles in yellow, rose and white gold. As your jewelry is the focal point, wear neutral solid colors and let your clothes become a canvass for your creative gold mix.

How to clean gold earrings?

It’s important to clean your gold earrings at least once every two months. Use a soft jewelry brush to remove the dirt around the backing or gently rub your earrings with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. Dry them off and store them in your jewelry box in a separate compartment. Once or twice a year you can polish your gold earrings, but do it gently. Keep them away from water and chemical substances and they will look fabulous forever.