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Gold Drop Earrings

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If you are ever in doubt about what to wear to an event, just start with gold drop earrings. Classic, feminine and elegant, gold drops are an inspiration. Whether you choose a simple design that you can easily accessorize with a statement necklace or go for a pair of statement drop earrings, you are bound to make a memorable impression. Of course, this style of earrings is not reserved only for women who prefer bold jewelry. If you are more into minimal pieces, the linear drop style may be exactly what you are looking for. Bottom line is that, regardless of your preferences in jewelry, you can always find a pair of gold drops that will suit your style. And with that in mind, we have curated a beautiful collection of gold drop earrings that includes some of our most beloved designs. Keep scrolling to find your ideal pair of earrings....Read more

How to style gold drop earrings?

It really depends on the style of gold drops that you choose. If you don on a pair of gemstone drops that draw attention to your ear lobes, then keep your other jewelry minimal. A dainty necklace or a simple chain bracelet will work beautifully. However, if you’d rather go for a simple pair of earrings but still want to get a statement look, match them with a layered necklace or a gemstone cuff bracelet. Even though gold drop earrings have an elegant vibe, they can also work with more casual looks. For example, a pair of linear drops will look wonderful with a coin necklace, casual fit jeans, and sneakers.

How to clean your earrings?

When cleaning your gold drop earrings, be very gentle about it. Don’t soak them in water and don’t use harsh chemicals that could damage them. Instead, use a damp jewelry brush with soft bristles (a microfiber cloth also works). You can also take your earrings to a professional cleaning once a year. Another important aspect is not to forget to take them off when you shower or go swimming. When you are not wearing your earring, store them safely inside the jewelry box.