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At Ana Luisa we care about our family of creators. We value quality content, great communication as well as environmental consciousness.


They love Ana Luisa

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Benefits of working with us:

No scripts, all genuine reviews
fair work
Fair compensation for your work
long term relationship
Long term relationship
VIP giveaways


Cari Clark

"Working with Ana Luisa is honestly such a treat. Every single person I've been in contact with has been so kind and trusts me as a creator to share their products using my own style and vision. I love promoting them because not only do I love what they make, but I also love the people behind it all :)"

Frequently Asked Questions

We send you a few jewelry pieces and in exchange for a honest review of our brand with your followers.
We are mostly interested in YouTube and Instagram.
Yes, of course! We value your content and the tight relationship you have with your audience.
Yes we do!
It sometimes can take a few days, please be patient, our team is answering a lot of requests and if we have your contact info, we will get in touch. If you haven't heard from us in a while it probably means that the campaigns we are running at the moment are not a fit.
It depends on the type of collaboration but you will get at least 2 pieces. You can choose the pieces that you love from the website. We usually ask for a top 10 and we’ll send pieces according to availability.
Of course you can! They are yours.
If you live close by or are travelling near Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York, let us know and we’ll try to arrange something, we are always happy to meet you. Don’t be afraid to schedule a meeting.
We use only the highest quality materials including recycled gold, silver, freshwater pearls, recyclable gold plated brass and lab grown diamonds. All our manufacturing processes are transparent and described here.
No. All of the materials we use are hypoallergenic.