Our planet

Made with the planet in mind

Being Earth-conscious and taking responsibility for climate change is at the core of who we are and everything we do. Earth is our greatest stakeholder, and our work is 24/7. We are 100% carbon and water neutral. And we’re never going back.

Carbon neutrality

According to the World Bank, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

In 2020, we became carbon neutral, counterbalancing the entirety of its CO2 footprint for a net zero output, so every piece of your collection is carbon invisible.

In 2021, we became a certified Climate Neutral company, which will ensure we continue to hold Ana Luisa to the highest standards.

From raw material sourcing to end-of-life, 100% of the emissions related to the crafting of every piece of jewelry is offset.

Carbon footprint - Sia earrings infographic

Water neutrality

More than half of the sustainability impact of our pieces happens at the raw materials stage before the jewelry has actually been made. By diving-deep into our supply chain, we’ve assessed our water footprint and helped restore 2.5 million gallons of water since January 2021 by supporting certified water restoration projects.

Water footprint - Sia earrings infographic

Our approach to circularity

Increasing the percentage of recycled raw materials in our designs is and will remain an everlasting goal of ours to reduce emissions from our upstream operations.

We also donate 100% of our nearly-imperfect returned pieces to Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to empowering women across the US. We keep our jewelry out of the landfills, and in the hands of our ever-expanding community of conscious wearers.

We’ve already donated over 3,000 jewelry pieces, and saved the equivalent of 14 tons of CO2e and 16,000 gallons of water.