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Ana Luisa Jewelry Carbon Footprint

Crafted with the Planet in Mind

In 2022, we conducted our first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. This was a massive step for us in better understanding our environmental impact and how to further minimize our carbon footprint through certified efforts.

We’ve tracked and analyzed our greenhouse gas emissions throughout every phase of sourcing and production in line with climate science. We then used the results to evaluate our process which helped us earn our Climate Neutral Certification for the second year in a row.

We know we have a long way to go though we’re committed to the journey ahead. We believe that through meaningful action, consistent accountability, and science-backed efforts, we can achieve a brighter future, together.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Carbon
Ana Luisa Jewelry Water

Water Stewardship


The jewelry industry as a whole is water intensive and has significant impacts on water supply. At Ana Luisa, we strive to be a part of the solution and recognize and address our impact, particularly at the source of our production. In 2022, we joined forces with A Plastic Ocean Foundation to do just that.

A Plastic Ocean Foundation (APO) is a Hong Kong-based water advocacy organization focused on climate resilience, water usage education, and water pollution reduction along the Hong Kong coastline. Ana Luisa has partnered with APO on their Sustainable Pearl Cultivation and Pearl Adoption project. Since 2019, APO has been working on sustainably cultivating pearl oysters with goals to rejuvenate the seawater and conserve biodiversity.

Through our partnership, we adopted 97 oysters along Hong Kong coastal waters. Each oyster filters up to 33,000 liters of ocean water over 6 months, equivalent to the size of two 25m swimming pools!

Ana Luisa Jewelry Necklaces Rings Bracelets

Our Approach to Circularity

Circularity is critical as we continue on our sustainability journey as we ensure our products are created with end-use in mind. Ideally, at the end of our jewelry’s life, it will be recycled or reused rather than end up in a landfill.

We know that being a responsible jewelry brand doesn’t stop at checkout. It’s our goal to ensure our pieces are treated responsibly, from design to end of life.

Since 2021, Ana Luisa has donated over 13,000 preloved pieces of jewelry. We also currently partner with the Princess Project, an organization that provides free prom dresses and accessories to high school teens who otherwise might not be able to afford them. Our efforts have saved approximately 12 tons of CO2e and 71,400 gallons of water. Sometimes, it’s the space you don’t take up that makes a difference.

We hope to achieve an even more sustainable and circular process in the future. We have our eyes set on innovative forms of recycled materials, crafting our own recycled brass alloy, and we continue to research potential recycling partners to create an even more circular process.