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Thick Hoop Earrings

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Explore Ana Luisa's stunning range of Thick Hoop Earrings. We love them because we get to wear them whenever we want and they are easy to accessorize. Truth being said, we are obsessed with hoops in their every size and design. If you too share this obsession, then scroll down to see Ana Luisa’s fabulous collection of thick hoop earrings. We have gathered in this collection unique hoop designs and gold plated earrings that you will fall in love with. Discover our pearl hoops, luscious thick gold hoops, ear cuffs and other fabulous styles. Treat yourself to a new pair of hoop earrings and have fun styling them with your other jewelry....Read more

Why & where to buy thick hoop earrings?

If you want to get a creative and chic look, then you need a pair of thick hoop earrings in your jewelry collection. They are easy to style, versatile and adorable. You can wear your thick hoops with casual or sporty clothes, and simple band rings but you can also style them with elegant or business outfits and vintage jewelry. There is no limit to what thick hoop earrings can achieve. Use your imagination and style know-how to create fabulous outfits with your hoops. If you want to get a fresh hoop design with a unique touch, then get your earrings from Ana Luisa’s dedicated collection.

How to style thick hoop earrings?

Get a unique pair of thick hoops from Ana Luisa. You can buy hoops with pearls to add an extra chic vibe to your outfit. Next, style your earrings with a lariat silver necklace or a gemstone necklace and a chain bracelet. Bring back the pearl theme with a solitaire pearl ring. Put on a solid color crop top and a pair of baggy jeans. Complete your look with red stiletto shoes and a jewel clutch. Alternatively you can create a geometric jewelry theme with hoops and a triangle necklace.

How to clean thick hoop earrings?

To clean your hoop earrings, all you need is a soft lint-free cloth. Soak the cloth in warm water and rub your thick hoop earrings gently with it. Be extra careful with gold plated jewelry. Let them dry off and don’t forget to store them inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing them. Keep your earrings away from water and harsh chemicals.

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