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Silver Necklace


A chic silver necklace is one of the essential pieces in a jewelry box. Depending on its length and style, you can wear it on multiple occasions and style it with your other silver jewelry. And even with your gold jewelry since mixing metals has become a fabulous trend. But which sterling silver necklace to get? Start with our collection below to discover unique silver necklaces. From delicate ball chain necklaces and gemstone pendant necklaces to layered silver necklaces, we have carefully curated a fabulous collection dedicated to women who love silver and want to have a great style. Choose your next favorite silver necklace from our unique designs....Read more

Why & where to buy a silver necklace?

As opposed to gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry looks great with any color. Your red tops, orange blouses, yellow dresses, you name the color – it will never clash with silver. Besides that, a silver necklace adds an edgy touch to a simple outfit and brings a contemporary vibe to your favorite pieces. It is also a jewelry metal that looks great with platinum jewelry and it has the tendency to bring out the color of the gemstones. And last, but not least, a silver necklace will always get you out of trouble when you can’t decide what jewelry to wear.

How to style a silver necklace?

Get a feminine and glamorous look with a gemstone silver necklace feature a clear gem. Accessorize your necklace with a pair of clear gemstone studs for an elegant and minimalist look. If you’d rather wear statement earrings, choose a pair of pearl drops as pearls and silver is a love story waiting to happen. Emphasize your necklace with a boat neckline top in a solid color and a pair of tailored trousers.

How to clean a silver necklace?

Just like you do with your other fine jewelry, clean your silver necklace regularly with a soft jewelry brush. If your necklace features a gemstone, don’t forget to inspect the setting and make sure the stone is secure. To avoid tarnish in your silver jewelry, wear it as much as you can and keep it away from water or harsh chemicals. If your jewelry gets tarnished, remove the tarnish layer by using a silver polishing cloth or take it to the jeweler’s for professional polishing.