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Fashion Necklaces


With gemstones, beads or chunky chain links, fashion necklaces are simply fabulous. We love them because they always come in fresh new designs and can upgrade any outfit. And because we know that you want to shop for the latest trends and discover stunning new necklaces, we have put together a selection of some of the most classy fashion necklaces. Scroll down to see our collection of stunning necklaces and discover the designs that you will fall in love with. From nature-inspired designs to layered necklaces and coin pendants, you will discover a selection of stunning jewelry pieces....Read more

Why & where to buy fashion necklaces?

You need at least a couple of fashion necklaces in your collection. Creative and chic, these necklaces allow you to experiment with different styles and create sensational looks. A fashion necklace is also a great idea for a formal event and it works even with casual clothes. When you want to add an edgy vibe to a simple tee & jeans outfit, a fashion necklace is the perfect piece. So get the fashion necklace that matches your style from Ana Luisa’s collection if you want to add a unique & gorgeous piece to your jewelry collection.

How to style fashion necklaces?

Get a gold beaded necklace with shiny metallic beads. Ideally, this necklace is princess-length. Wear this fashion necklace with a simple silk blouse with a boat neckline and style it with drop earrings. You can choose a pair of simple gold drops or geometric earrings. Complement your look with high-waist tailored trousers, strappy sandals, and a chunky cuff bracelet to create a contemporary & stylish outfit.

How to clean fashion necklaces?

Depending on the necklace design, you may need a lint-free cloth or a jewelry brush. If your necklace has intricate details, it is best to use a soft jewelry brush in order to reach the places where dirt builds up. Soak the brush in warm water and rub your fashion necklaces gently and with patience. Let them dry off and store your necklaces on a necklace tree to prevent them from getting tangled. Keep your fashion necklaces away from chemicals and direct contact with water.