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Gold Layered Necklace

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A dainty alternative to the statement necklace, the gold layered necklace is a contemporary and classy jewelry piece. One of the best things about it is that it looks beautiful with both casual and more formal outfits. A layered necklace can be composed of simple gold chains of different sizes. It can also feature pendant necklaces or even beaded strands. This kind of necklace can also be obtained by wearing multiple necklaces at once. However, some of the best designs come pre-layered so that you don’t have to worry about your necklaces not working together. If you are looking to add a layered design to your jewelry collection, take a peek at our carefully curated selection. Whether you are looking for simple layered necklaces, designs with gemstones, or nature-inspired pendants, you will find the perfect piece in this collection. Scroll down to discover more!...Read more

How to style a gold layered necklace?

One of the most important rules when wearing a gold layered necklace is to remember this is a statement piece. It may be more versatile than a gemstone collar, for example, but some of the same rules still apply. This means that your other jewelry needs to be minimal and delicate. Wear your layered necklace with stud earrings, huggie hoops, or thin linear drops. Avoid chunky pieces like cuff bracelets and cocktails ring. Depending on your outfit, you can style your necklace with a delicate pair of pearl studs or you can go for a contemporary look and style it with mismatched huggie hoops. Another important rule is to avoid patterns on your shirt or top part of the dress. You don’t want your necklace stack to get lost between tartan and polka dots. Instead, wear a solid color blouse and let your necklace take the stage.

How to care for your necklaces?

Caring for your gold layered necklace means only three things. Clean it regularly with a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush. Avoid wearing it when you take a shower, go swimming, or apply perfume. And last, but not least, store it on a necklace tree to prevent it from getting tangled.