Pearl Drop Earrings


Feminine, delicate and always glamorous pearl drop earrings are must-have jewelry pieces for any chic woman. If you are looking for a unique pair of pearl drop earrings, look no further than our fabulous collection. You will discover fantastic designs featuring freshwater pearls, crystal pearls, and even stylish baroque pearls. Choose your favorite pair of pearl drops and get inspired by our unique designs. If you’d rather wear a cluster of pearls than pearl drops, you will also find that in our unique pearl drop earrings collection. Get the earrings that match your style and be your fabulous self every single day....Read more

Why & where to buy pearl drop earrings?

We’ve come to believe that pearl drop earrings are essential jewelry pieces. Whenever you want to feel elegant, you can simply put on your pearl drops. As opposed to other sleek gems, pearls also work for casual wear, so a pair of pearl drop earrings offers a lot of styling options. It is also easy to accessorize pearl drops with your other jewelry and we can’t think of a single outfit color that doesn’t work with pearls. Get your fabulous pearl drops from Ana Luisa to enjoy a classic jewelry piece with a modern twist.

How to wear pearl drop earrings?

We simply love how pearl drops look with a neat bun and a cashmere sweater. Wear a single pearl pendant to add a touch of class or combine your pearl drop earrings with a couple of gold thin bangles to get a modern vibe. Put on your A-line dress and comfortable pumps and you are ready to go out and meet your friends.

How to care for pearl drop earrings?

Pearl are organic gemstones, which means that they need a little bit of moisture to remain lustrous. Keep them away from water and chemicals, but don’t store them in an airtight bag or else they can lose the moisture and become yellow. When cleaning pearls, be very gentle about it because they are easy to scratch. If you store your pearl drop earrings properly and keep them away from water and chemical substances, they will maintain their glamorous luster and always look fantastic.