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Dainty Rings


Dainty rings are delicate, feminine and versatile. What we love about them is that they bring a hint of elegance to any outfit and look gorgeous with statement jewelry. Are you looking for a delicate gold ring? A minimal sterling silver ring? Or perhaps an elegant woven dainty ring? Look no further, then. Scroll down to see our collection of dainty rings and choose your next favorite jewelry piece. With feminine designs, elegant textures and creative looks, our dainty rings are must-have pieces for any woman with a passion for beautiful jewelry....Read more

How to wear dainty rings?

We are big fans of creative ideas and layered looks. And since mixing metals is also a great trend, we have a fabulous idea for styling dainty rings. Get a delicate silver ring and a dainty gold ring. If you want to take this one step further, add a rose gold ring as well. Wear all these rings on a single finger to create a beautiful look. Keep your nails in a neutral color. To tie up the look, wear a cuff bracelet or a collar necklace that features all three colors – gold, silver and rose gold. Avoid patterns in your clothes and keep them in solid colors to let your jewelry take the main stage.

How to clean dainty rings?

Be very gentle when cleaning dainty rings because you don’t want to scratch them. Use a damp lint-free cloth or a jewelry brush with soft bristles. Once a year, take your rings to the jeweler’s for professional polishing to maintain their beautiful look.