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Stacked Rings


Creative and edgy women love stacked rings because they allow them to try unique new looks. When you want to create a finger party, you need at least a couple of stacking rings to mix and match with your other rings. Whether you want to go for a futuristic metallic look and use only rings without gemstones or add a little bit of glam to your stacked rings look, in our collection you will discover the best stacking rings. Looking for unique silver stacked rings with a polished feel? Feel like trying a couple of gold stacking rings with a delicate design? Say no more. Just scroll down and discover our fabulous collection of stacking rings....Read more

Why & where to buy stacked rings?

The big advantage of stacking ring is that you can’t get them wrong. These rings are especially designed for stacking purposes and while you can also wear one on its own, you will never go wrong with wearing more of them on the same finger. A set of stacked rings will look fantastic on the same finger. If you want to wear a big gemstone ring and stack it with other rings, you can do that as well. Stacked rings are versatile and they allow you to try out multiple combinations without the risk of your finger area looking too busy.

How to wear stacked rings?

Get a couple of stacking rings in different sizes so that you can wear them on different parts of the finger. For the base ring, get a gold design with a unique band. The middle ring can be silver and it has to have a thinner band. The last ring, or the midi ring, needs to be gold and dainty. Keep your nails in a neutral color and bring back the silver & gold theme in your necklace with a layered design. Put on a silk blouse and a pair of jeans and you get a gorgeous look.

How to clean stacked rings?

Use a damp lint-free cloth to gently rub your rings and clean them regularly. Don’t forget to polish them once or twice a year using a jewelry polishing cloth. And last, but not least, keep your rings away from water and harsh chemicals.