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Signet Rings

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A signet ring is not only trendy and classy, but it also has a charming vintage vibe. As far as statement rings go, many women prefer signet rings because they are easier to accessorize and have a unique look. If you are looking for the perfect signet ring to go with your sharp work outfit or formal dress, you have come to the right place. We have carefully curated a collection where you will discover gemstone signet rings, all-metal rings and signet rings with historical symbols. Scroll down to see out collection and discover the stunning charm of a signet ring....Read more

Why & where to buy a signet ring?

As opposed to cocktail rings that work for parties and similar events, signet rings are great for office days as well. A signet ring exudes power, confidence and a sharp style. You can wear one on any finger you want and accessorize it with any other jewelry. Plus, we can’t get enough of the glamorous shine of gold signet rings or rings that feature a big gemstone in a bezel setting. Also, due to their design, gemstone signet rings have secure settings where the stone is protected properly. And because, at Ana Luisa, we have created a fabulous collection of unique rings, if you want a stunning signet ring, all you have to do is choose the one that matches your style.

How to wear a signet ring?

Create a contrasting look by wearing a gold signet ring on your middle finger. You can choose one with a gemstone or a simple gold ring with an artistic design. Match it with a feminine maxi dress in a flowery print and a thin gold choker necklace. If you’d rather focus on the earrings instead of the necklace, leave it at home and wear a pair of pearl drop earrings. A simple gold chain bracelet will complete your look.

How to clean a signet ring?

The first rule of caring for zodiac jewelry is to clean it regularly with a soft jewelry brush. This way it will always look shiny and beautiful. Like any other jewelry, zodiac jewelry doesn’t like water too much, so take it off before you shower or when you go to the pool. Don’t use abrasive substances or harsh chemicals when cleaning it. And, speaking of chemicals, try to wait a couple of minutes after you’ve applied perfume and body lotion before putting your jewelry on.All you need is warm water and a lint-free cloth. Rub the signet ring gently with the damp cloth and let it dry off. Put it in your jewelry place in a separate compartment do that it doesn’t get scratched by the other jewelry. If the ring has gemstones, make sure to have the setting inspected at least once a year.

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