Pearl Hoop Earrings

If you love pearls and hoops, then you will go crazy for peal hoop earrings. A new approach to a classic gemstone, pearl hoops are elegant, fun, and contemporary. They are a fun mix of classic and modern, which renders them appropriate for almost any occasion. Depending on their size and style, pearl hoops are great to wear to a formal event, but also on a daily basis with casual clothes. Circular pearl earrings open a wide range of styling possibilities that you don’t get with classic pearl drops, for example. This is why we have put together a beautiful & chic collection of pearl hoop earrings that we are certain you are going to love. Find your perfect pair of daily earrings with a delicate vibe or browse for a new pair of statement earrings that will elevate your evening gown. Check out our collection below to discover the jewelry that matches your style.

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How to style pearl hoop earrings?

As opposed to classic pearl earrings, hoops offer more styling options. For a sweet springtime look, you can wear your pearl hoop earrings along with a flowery dress and a dainty pendant necklace. Don on your little black dress, high heels, and pearl hoop earrings to get a fun-loving party look. If you prefer an androgynous look, then you can also wear your earrings with a layered chain necklace and baggy jeans. Versatile and chic, pearl hoops are the newest trend that is here to stay.

How to clean pearl hoop earrings?

Be careful when cleaning your earrings and don’t use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. Pearls are easy to scratch, so you should only clean them with a damp & soft lint-free cloth. To prevent your pearls from turning yellow, avoid keeping your earrings in an airtight box. As you know, pearls are organic gems and they need the moisture in the air to maintain their delicate luster. However, keep in mind to avoid wearing your hoops when showering and swimming because, as much as pearls love the natural moisture in the air, they don’t react well when soaked in water.


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