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Everyday Jewelry


We all have those everyday jewelry pieces that we almost never take off. It may be a pendant necklace, a ring or a pair of studs. However, even your daily jewelry needs a bit of freshening up once in a while. This is why, at Ana Luisa, we have prepared a fabulous collection of everyday jewelry that you can incorporate into your daily outfits. Scroll down to see our collection and get a new pair of silver studs or a chic pendant necklace. Discover gold jewelry designs, minimal drop earrings and textured bracelets that you will never want to take off. Up your jewelry game with Ana Luisa and get a couple of new pieces that you can wear on a daily basis and mix and match for a fab style....Read more

Why & where to buy everyday jewelry?

You need everyday jewelry in your collection. Sure, statement jewelry is also fabulous, but you can’t wear your pieces to a business meeting or when you are going to the grocery store, can you? The pieces that you can easily style with your daily outfits are usually simple, chic and unique. And yes, in case you were wondering, even everyday jewelry can be unique. Or at least that’s the case with Ana Luisa’s collection. So if you want to buy a simple & unique piece to wear on a daily basis, get it from Ana Luisa’s dedicated collection.

How to style everyday jewelry?

Add a new vibe to your everyday jewelry by getting creative when styling it. For example, you can wear your favorite silver studs with linear drop earrings and hoops. If you want to be more subtle about it, simply wear mismatched studs. Try a simple silver stud in one ear and a gemstone silver stud in your other ear. Complement your look with a silver lariat and a textured silver bracelet. Wear a tee, jeans and lacquer boots to complete this fab look.

How to clean everyday jewelry?

Since you are wearing it every single day, you need to clean your jewelry constantly. Use a soft jewelry brush to gently rub your pieces. When you are not wearing them, store them inside the jewelry box to protect them from getting scratched.