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Holiday Jewelry


Holiday jewelry is fun, beautiful and nice to wear. When wearing a X-mas jumper and a holiday-inspired jewelry piece, you feel festive. And, of course, there is the matter of what kind of jewelry you are going to wear on the New Year’s Eve party. Get ready to feel inspired because we have some advice for you. At Ana Luisa, we have put together a fantastic collection of holiday jewelry that you will love. Scroll down to see our gorgeous pearl earrings, our layered necklaces or our stunning diamond jewelry. Get festive and stylish with Ana Luisa this year....Read more

Why & where to buy holiday jewelry?

Don’t know where to buy holiday jewelry? There is only one place to go to and that is Ana Luisa. Our pieces are not only beautiful and unique but also environmentally conscious. And about the reasons for getting a couple of new pieces, do you really need some? Cause we have plenty to offer. Wearing a new jewelry piece will make you feel fabulous at the New Year’s party you are going to attend. Also, matching your holiday clothes with holiday jewelry is a nice touch. And last, but not least, you can also offer this jewelry for Christmas to people who are important to you.

How to style holiday jewelry?

Use your creativity to achieve an impeccable look for the New Year’s party. Wear a pair of diamond stud earrings and a dainty diamond necklace to get a glamorous vibe. Try a midi black velvet dress and a pair of lace gloves to get a vintage charm. You can also wear a thin gold bracelet and a pair of lacquer stiletto shoes to complete your look.

How to clean holiday jewelry?

Cleaning holiday jewelry is like taking care of any other kind of jewelry. You have to clean it regularly using a soft jewelry brush and warm water. Don’t soak your jewelry in water and make sure to store it in a safe place when you are not wearing it. Avoid applying perfume or body lotion with your jewelry on and don’t forget to take it off when showering.