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Best Anniversary Gifts For Her By Years

Looking for anniversary gifts for her but don’t know what to choose? Then you're in luck. We've assembled our top picks for anniversary gifts according to the year. Nervous about kicking things off with a first year anniversary gift? Eager to top last year with a fabulous second anniversary gift? Or maybe it’s anniversary number eight and you’ve run out of ideas. We’ve got you covered for all your anniversary gifting needs. Keep reading for our top picks for anniversary gifts sure to blow your partner away.


Traditional Guidelines 

Don’t forget that anniversaries come with a set of traditional gifts as a year by year guide. For example, your first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper (like love letters or a printed photo album). Second year anniversaries are celebrated with cotton, third year anniversaries are celebrated with leather, and so on. Stick to tradition or try something new a few of our top suggestions.


Gifts for Your First Year Anniversary

Your first anniversary is an opportunity to really surprise your partner with your excellent and thoughtful gift-giving skills. Show her how much you care with colorful and unique gemstone jewelry or classic and chic gold jewelry. 

Gold is our go-to. Try a solid gold bracelet, solid gold hoop earrings, or a gold pendant necklace. Gold makes any occasion feel even more special. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her when you are celebrating your first year of marriage are gold jewelry pieces.

Gifts for Your Second Year Anniversary 

Okay, so you nailed year one. To take things up a notch for year two, experiment with different colors, textures, and styles. Deep red garnet jewelry or rich emerald pieces are fabulous yet classic options to add a pop of color to her jewelry collection.  

Gifts for Your Third Anniversary

Pearls are fabulous anniversary gifts for her. You can offer them on any anniversary but it is traditional to gift pearls for year three. Buy her a pair of baroque pearl earrings or a beautiful pearl necklace to mark this important occasion.

Gifts for Your Fourth Anniversary 

You’ve been together four years now and it’s time to dive into blue topaz jewelry. Delicate, beautiful and elegant, blue topaz pieces make for some of the best anniversary gifts for her.

Gifts for Your Fifth Anniversary 

While we’re on a roll with blue jewelry, we suggest gifting deep blue sapphire pieces. Get her a sapphire ring or a beautiful pendant necklace featuring a sapphire gemstone with an antique cut. Sapphire is sure to sparkle for a lifetime.

Gifts for Your Sixth Anniversary 

The big six! To celebrate six years together, we suggest gifting your special someone amethyst jewelry. Amethyst was once considered the gemstone of royalty. Its radiant purple glow is sure to stand out. Try expanding your partner’s jewelry collection by incorporating amethyst stud earrings or an amethyst pendant necklace. 

Gifts for Your Seventh Anniversary 

Powerful, mesmerizing, and elegant: onyx is a special gemstone that you can gift your partner for your seventh anniversary together. Try an onyx signet ring or a layered necklace featuring an onyx gemstone. Onyx boasts a truly stunning and alluring black glow but also comes in white. This type of jewelry signifies infinity. What’s more everlasting in fashion than the color black? She’ll love a new onyx piece.

Gifts for Your Eighth Anniversary

Eight years together calls for something extra special. We suggest experimenting with tourmaline. Tourmaline is a type of gemstone that comes in a variety of colors which means there are a ton of options to choose from. For your eighth anniversary, show off just how well you know your partner and choose a tourmaline gemstone ring you know she would love. The more unique, the better! 

Gifts for Your Ninth Anniversary

You’ve already knocked it out of the park with gold and gemstone jewelry. It’s time to introduce Lapis Lazuli into the mix. Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue gemstone with gold or silver specks that run throughout in super unique patterns. This stone is said to inspire deep thinking and a heightened sense of spirituality. Lapis Lazuli is considered mystical, profound, and moving. What better gem to symbolize the mystery of love than the stunning Lapis Lazuli? Some of the best anniversary gifts for her are jewelry pieces with this enchanting stone, such as dangling earrings, pendant necklaces, or signet rings.

Gifts for Your Tenth Anniversary 

Ten years together is surely a big milestone. We recommend going with diamonds for year ten. A diamond necklace, diamond earrings, or a diamond bracelet are perfect gifts for this occasion.

stacked gold chain bracelets

Gifts to Get You to the Silver Years 

This might sound confusing but let us explain: your silver anniversary marks 25 years together. So what about years 11-24? Let’s cover a few options for those in between years. 

If you’re celebrating 11 years together, get her a beautiful turquoise pendant necklace or any other turquoise jewelry piece. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her when you are celebrating your 12th anniversary are jade jewelry pieces. Buy citrine jewelry for your 13th anniversary and opal for your 14th.

15 years of marriage is a beautiful accomplishment that you should celebrate by offering her ruby jewelry pieces. And the next year, for your 16th anniversary, get her a beautiful peridot jewelry piece. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her for your 17th marriage anniversary are watches. Buy her a classy jewelry piece with a cat’s eye gem for your 18th anniversary. When it comes to your 19th anniversary, any jewelry piece with aquamarine is a fabulous gift.

Some of the best anniversary gifts for her for your 20th anniversary are jewelry pieces with emeralds. Buy her an iolite bracelet or pendant necklace for your 21st anniversary. 22 years of marriage means that you can offer her spinel jewelry. For your 23rd anniversary, get her imperial topaz jewelry, such as a topaz ring or a pair of topaz stud earrings. If you are celebrating 24 years of marriage, try tanzanite jewelry.

huggie hoop sterling silver earrings

From Silver to Gold – Best Anniversary Gifts for Years 25-50 

25 years together officially takes you to your silver anniversary.  Try silver jewelry like a classic silver necklace, a statement silver ring, or even a pair of beautiful silver earrings.

For your 30th marriage anniversary, go with pearls. South Sea pearls are perfect to celebrate another milestone together. Lustrous, big, and hued with gold undertones, South Sea pearls are often called the Rolls Royce of pearls. And after 30 years of marriage, we recommend investing in some truly stunning pieces. 

If you are celebrating 35 years of marriage, then some of the best anniversary gifts for her are jewelry pieces with emerald gemstones. Perhaps you bought her an emerald ring or a pair of emerald earrings in the past, but now it’s time to go all in. Buy her a sleek emerald jewelry set and we guarantee she will love this present.

Your 40th marriage anniversary is about how love conquers all. Try a ruby jewelry set to mark this occasion.

Some of the best pieces for your 45th anniversary includes sapphire jewelry. Durable, stunning and unique, the sapphire symbolizes your successful marriage and the strong bond that you share with your partner.

The big 5-0! Your 50th anniversary is also known as the gold anniversary. Indulge in gold jewelry and get her beautiful solid gold pieces. You can also renew your wedding vows and celebrate this occasion with a splash. After all, you both deserve it.

gold hoop earrings and gold chain bracelet

What Comes After Gold?

If you are celebrating 55 years of marriage, then there is only one gemstone to offer to your partner: alexandrite. The uniqueness of this fabulous gem consists of its ever-changing color. And after all these years spent together, you have seen each other change many times but, somehow, have never lost your way to one another. 

Some of the best anniversary gifts for her for your 60th marriage anniversary are diamond jewelry pieces. Diamonds are forever and guess what? So is your marriage. You can buy her a diamond jewelry set or, perhaps, a new diamond engagement ring.

Did you know that the 70th marriage anniversary is also called the platinum jubilee? This is because platinum is one of the rarest jewelry metals. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her, in this case, are platinum jewelry pieces. Buy a nice platinum necklace or a pair of elegant platinum earrings.

The 75th anniversary is a unique occasion to celebrate a relationship that is fairytale material. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her are jewelry pieces that feature sapphires. Go for a big sapphire ring or a necklace with a sapphire pendant in a vintage cut.

Your 80th marriage anniversary is also called the ruby jubilee and it represents the coronation of love. Buy ruby jewelry as its mesmerizing deep red color is the very definition of love.


Ana Luisa Loves Anniversaries

Our collections are full of anniversary gifts for every year and occasion. Check out our wide variety of pieces and choose an anniversary present that will sweep her off her feet, year after year.



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