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Anniversary Gift Ideas For The First 10 Years

It’s finally here. That special anniversary with that special someone. Looking for the perfect gifts to celebrate? Look no further than our comprehensive Anniversary Gift Guide. Whether it’s a one year anniversary, a six month anniversary, a five year anniversary, or a wedding anniversary–we have you covered. Keep reading for amazing anniversary gift ideas for your special someone.


First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas 

If you are celebrating your paper anniversary, we have the perfect witty and beautiful piece for you. She may not be too happy with a piece of paper (unless you write her a piece of poetry on it), but she will surely love jewelry. So get creative and buy her Ana Luisa’s Paperclip Bracelet or our contemporary Paperclip Necklace. Or get both and offer her a new jewelry set.

Creative, contemporary, and gorgeous, our paperclip jewelry pieces were created for a modern woman with a chic and classy style. 


Second Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional material for your second anniversary is cotton. You can get her a blouse or a pretty cotton dress, but wouldn’t you rather but something that will last longer? Ana Luisa’s Frida hoops come with a pillowy white pearl pendant that matches pretty much anything (including flowy blouses and colorful dresses). Knock anniversary #2 out of the park with a pair of hoops anyone could love.


Third Year Anniversary Gifts 

The third year anniversary gift is traditionally leather, which might not be for everyone. And because we’re committed to promoting cruelty-free products, instead of leather we suggest–you guessed it–pearls. With their translucent beauty and delicate glow, pearls are bound to sweep her off her feet. Our Mini Organic Pearl earrings are handcrafted with delicate, high-grade freshwater pearls and 14k gold plating AKA the most elegant way to say “happy three years."


Fourth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, flowers and a fruit basket make up fourth year anniversary gifts. And we recommend you do that because fresh fruits are delicious and lovely presents. However, even though flowers and fruits are beautiful anniversary gift ideas, you should still get her something that she will be able to wear for a long time. 

Stay within the flower theme with Ana Luisa’s Hanna Marble Blue earrings. Artistically hand-painted in enamel and inspired by the beauty of forget-me-not flowers, these gorgeous earrings will make her day.

a set of diamond jewelry with gold earrings and gold necklace

Fifth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The fifth anniversary is an important milestone in any relationship. Traditionally, this is the “wood” anniversary. It would be an amazing idea to offer her a beautiful wood sculpture. However, if you want to stick with jewelry, consider gemstones. This is the perfect gem for the 5-year anniversary and we have just the perfect jewelry piece for it. Ana Luisa’s Meesh necklace features a captivating green or blue pendant and delicate chain dipped in 14k gold. Each gemstone has a unique pattern and color which means your fifth year gift would be truly one of a kind.


Sixth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

As far as anniversary gift ideas go, iron is the traditional material. This is because it symbolizes strength and how your relationship has evolved into an unbreakable bond. But your loved one may not be very happy with a set of knives. So instead of iron, buy her diamond jewelry. Diamonds also symbolize strength and durability and a diamond jewelry set may be exactly what she wants. If you’re torn between options, simple is always the way to go. Our classic Diamond Necklace is sleek, sophisticated, and eye-catching. Made from solid gold and a lab-grown diamond, this necklace is made to last a lifetime (just like your love for each other).

layered diamond necklace in a mirror

Seventh Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Copper is the traditional material for anniversary #7. If your special someone isn’t really into the brassy, copper look, we suggest going with something a little more fun. Our Rope Pave ring features 14k gold and cubic zirconia gemstones to create a maximalist yet sleek look.


Eighth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

What do you say about tying the knot again? One of the best anniversary gift ideas for your 8-year milestone are our Love Knot Stud earrings. These earrings could be a great way to kick off renewing your vows or to celebrate eight incredible years together.


Ninth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Kudos to you if you are celebrating your 9th wedding anniversary. If you want traditional anniversary gift ideas, you could get her pottery or a willow plant as both symbolize flexibility. If you want jewelry, then buy her Lapis Lazuli. Our Betsy ring is made with 14K gold-plating and a stunning Lapis Lazuli stone. This mesmerizing deep blue gem is said to encourage honesty and protect the relationship, making it the perfect 9th anniversary gift.


Tenth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tin is typically the theme for year ten. But we suggest breaking from tradition with our Diamond Trio Pendant necklace. Ten years is a wonderful accomplishment; celebrate in utmost style with a dazzling, long-lasting diamond necklace. This necklace is truly as timeless as you and yours’ relationship.


An Anniversary To Remember

Our collections are full of pieces you simply can't go wrong with. Make it an anniversary to remember and shop our full line of sustainably-made, high-quality jewelry.



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