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Why & where to buy solid gold earrings?
Elegant, refined and always appropriate, solid gold earrings are must-have jewelry pieces for any woman who loves fine jewelry. But which gold earrings should you get? When it comes to the gold karat, we recommend 14k gold earrings. As you know, gold is a soft metal and it needs other metals in the alloy in order to be more resistant. This means that the higher the karat types, the more prone to scratches is the jewelry piece. If you plan on wearing your solid gold earrings every single day and are looking for a durable piece of jewelry, then get a 14k gold pair of earrings from Ana Luisa’s collection.

How to style solid gold earrings?
Go for a contemporary and sophisticated look with a pair of solid gold earrings in white gold. Choose ball studs to get a chic minimal look. Accessorize your white gold studs with a silver or white gold ball chain necklace and a chunky ring. Wear a structured dress, a tailored blazer and a pair of stilettoes to complete your look.

How to clean solid gold earrings?

Clean your solid gold earrings with a damp lint-free cloth. Just rub them gently until they are clean and let your earrings dry off. Wear your earrings as much as you want, but don’t forget to store them inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing them to protect them from any scratches.


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