Antique Jewelry

Elegant, ornamental and with a fabulous vibe, antique jewelry is always stunning. With intricate designs, precious gemstones and a unique charm, an antique-looking piece of jewelry will splendidly complete a formal outfit. Are you looking for fabulous antique jewelry? That’s great because we have created a collection of gorgeous antique-looking designs. Check out our antique pearl earrings, elegant moonstone rings and stunning gemstone necklaces.

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Why & where to buy antique jewelry?

Do you love elegance, style and unique jewelry? If so, you absolutely need a piece of antique jewelry in your collection. You can always style a memorable look with an antique necklace or draw attention with a gorgeous antique ring. You can also play with trends and style antique jewelry with modern designs to obtain a creative look. Not to mention the fact that antique-looking pieces add a unique touch of elegance to a formal outfit and allow your style to shine through.

How to wear antique jewelry?

Antique jewelry is all about intricate designs and fabulous gems. Create a stunning combination of turquoise and moonstone with an antique-looking turquoise necklace and a moonstone ring featuring a big gem. Wear your hair up in an elegant updo and wear simple gold rings to support this look. Choose an off-white gown with subtle pink tints to reflect your ring and a jewel clutch with turquoise gemstones to bring back the theme of your necklace and tie up your look. Wear simple stiletto shoes and you confident smile. After all, you are looking simply amazing and you need to celebrate a fabulous look properly.

How to clean antique jewelry?

Due to the fact that antique jewelry has intricate designs and gemstones, you have to be very careful when cleaning it. Use a soft jewelry brush to make sure you reach all the hard places. Soak the brush in water and gently clean your jewelry. Don’t soak your jewelry in water and don’t use mechanical cleaning methods if you don’t want to damage the gemstones. Also, once in a while, we recommend you to take your jewelry to the jeweler’s for a professional inspection. You need to have the settings inspected to make sure there are no damaged prongs.


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