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Pink Gemstones

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From vibrant magenta to delicate powder rose, there are many pink gemstones that grab our attention. We love jewelry featuring pink gemstones because it is always elegant, feminine and chic. And because we know you share our obsession with fine jewelry, we have put together a selection of our most fabulous designs with pink gems. Scroll down to see our unique jewelry and discover the pieces that you will never want to take off. And why should you? Ana Luisa’s jewelry comes with a quality guarantee so you can wear your jewelry as much as you want. It will always maintain its fabulous look that you feel in love with....Read more

Why & where to buy pink gemstones?

Whether you are into reddish pink, magenta or soft pink with a hint of lavender, you need pink gemstones in your collection. Jewelry with pink gems is easy to style and it always brings a feminine vibe to any outfit. It is also one of the top choices for styling formal gowns, but the good news is that you can wear it on casual occasion as well. And if you need another incentive to get jewelry with pink gemstones, just check out our collection. You will become obsessed with our gorgeous designs.

How to style pink gemstones?

Wear a pair of pink drop earrings in powder rose to get a delicate look. You can style your hair in a chic braid and choose an A-line dress in a muted color. Accessorize your pink gemstones jewelry with a delicate gold chain bracelet and a lariat. Bring back the color of your earrings in your ring and you are ready to go out.

How to clean pink gemstones?

Generally, pink gemstones are not as hard as other gems. Don’t use mechanical cleaning methods with them. Instead, use a damp lint-free cloth to rub your jewelry gently until it’s clean. Let it dry off and store it properly inside the jewelry box so that the gemstones don’t get scratched. Once a year, you should take your pieces to the jeweler’s to have the setting inspected and make sure the gemstones are still secure.

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