Hi there,
we’re Ana Luisa.

From our studio in Greenpoint, NYC, we craft jewelry that you will find nowhere else, releasing new creations every week. Each one comes with its own backstory, influenced by our passion for unconventional and extraordinary art – and by our endless curiosity for the women reading this sentence right now :)

We're Ana Luisa and we make jewelry for womankind.

Please take your time and explore. Our home is your home.

Where it started

"I trained in Paris, then came to New York and spent three years making jewelry for the world’s most coveted brands. But I always wondered why individual, inspirational jewelry couldn’t be available more widely. Why wasn’t it possible to deliver the same high quality without the high mark-up? It turns out it was."
David Benayoun, Co-founder

From one little spark of rebellion, we have crafted Ana Luisa. We are a team of passionate designers and manufacturers, dreaming up and delivering new creations every week.

Why it started

We’re here to bring individual, inspirational creations into the life of every woman. High-end jewelry. Without the high-end mark-up.

One thing that will never change is our obsessional love for jewelry. Jewelry that invites you in and says be yourself.