Jewelry in, Carbon out

Breathe easy - we’re carbon neutral

Our vision

Our Day 1 goal is now a reality: we’re the first direct-to-consumer jewelry brand to become carbon-neutral. Since our founding in 2018, we’ve considered, tracked, and evaluated the environmental impact of every aspect of our company, from sourcing to shipping to office life, with a goal to get our carbon footprint to zero.

That means for all the CO2 we produce during the creation of our jewelry, the running of our business, and the shipping of our orders—it all has to be counterbalanced with the same amount of oxygen. We’ve been offsetting our carbon emissions since January 2020 and are now completely carbon neutral. Meaning we sustainably give back for everything we take—think of it as fair trade with mother nature.
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Cool Effect

Leaving no trace on this earth
— just on you

Our partner

Since we can’t currently change how the world works (like how shipping requires gas-powered delivery vehicles), we’re canceling out any carbon we put out there, so our jewelry will leave no trace on this earth—just on you.

To offset our carbon footprint, we partner with Cool Effect, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay area. Of Cool Effect’s many worthy causes, we’ve chosen to contribute to the Tri-City Forest Project, which preserves a combined forest area of 6,500 acres in Massachusetts and to the Brazilian Amazon Rosewood Conservation Project. By preventing deforestation and protecting trees from timber mills, local jobs are created and carbon-canceling oxygen is generated daily. By protecting these trees from timber mills, local jobs are created, floods are prevented, and carbon-canceling oxygen is generated daily.
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Jewelry with
a future

Our golden rule: treat the earth the way you treat

What's next?

Offsetting is great, but not producing CO2 is better. That’s why our company is always working towards more sustainable operations, so there’s less to neutralize and more to celebrate. Soon we’ll be using 100% recycled shipping materials, and will always continue to offset what little carbon we do produce. So pile on the pieces: our jewelry expands your collection—not your footprint.

What’s next? All our community members will soon be able to find out about the CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emitted by their order. Understanding these numbers is a first step towards a healthier planet. The best part is, we’re already offsetting it for you.
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