It was about time that a brand considers both the past and the future. The past, because we pay attention to where our materials come from. Our future, because we create clean, long-lasting jewelry with a conscience.

Sustainable earrings for women

Responsible production

We decided to make jewelry that doesn’t come at Earth’s expense. Gold mining isn’t a pretty business. It ravages landscapes and creates spaces for unsafe working conditions. Instead of mining our gold, we give existing gold a beautiful second life. We also make sure our plating always takes place in-house.

Sustainable materials.

Small is beautiful. We craft our jewelry in limited batches so nothing is wasted while using recycled materials whenever possible:

14k Solid Gold

We use 100% recycled gold, because there is enough gold in the world without mining more. You can keep it forever as it won’t tarnish.

Sterling Silver

Our Silver is made of 92.5% pure Silver, matching the highest standards in fine jewelry. It’s also plated with Rhodium to reinforce its longevity.

Asset 21 Our diamonds

Sustainably grown, all our Diamonds are traceable, clean, and the perfect alternative to mined diamonds. They offer identical chemical composition, hardness, brilliance, fire and will last forever.

Gold Plated brass

Our brass is recyclable while all our fine gold plating is done in-house, rather than outsourcing to places with dubious working conditions.

Rings for women
Ana luisa jewelry difference between traditional luxury brand and ana luisa

Transparent pricing

Before starting Ana Luisa, we worked on the inside of the luxury jewelry industry and always wondered why it was so exclusive. Why couldn’t the same high quality be accessible to more women? We decided it could, because we believe in equality. We said no to luxury markups and priced things honestly so more people can enjoy more beautiful things every day.