White Gold Earrings

Let’s face it. We love gold in every shape and color, but white gold has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. With a perfect luster, its stunning color and its inner elegance, white gold is a top choice for many women. And if you don’t already own a pair of white gold earrings, then it’s time to get one. Whether you love white gold hoops or white gold studs, you will discover the perfect pair of white gold earrings in our collection below. Scroll down to see what we have in store for you and discover the perfect pair of earrings that you will never want to take off.

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Why & where to buy white gold earrings?

We believe that any gold color has its purpose. Yellow gold has a unique vintage charm, rose gold is romantic and feminine and white gold has a contemporary vibe that works great with elegant outfits. For that perfect office look or that fancy black tie event, a pair of white gold earrings represents the ideal choice. White gold earrings also go great with other metals like platinum and silver so you get to mix metals without being afraid of a fashion faux-pas. And last, but not least, a pair of white gold earrings is easier to style than yellow gold. You get to wear any outfit color and still look absolutely fabulous.

How to style white gold earrings?

We have to admit that we are obsessed with hoops. So when it comes to styling your white gold earrings, get a pair of big white gold hoops. Wear your hair in a half-up, half-down style so that your earrings peak delicately through the hair strands. Choose a dainty silver necklace and a medium-sized textured silver bangle. As for the clothes, we would go with an A-line navy dress and a pair of stilettos. Don’t forget about the clutch than can be either the same color as the dress or silver if you want to obtain a cohesive look.

How to clean white gold earrings?

Clean your white gold earrings with a damp lint-free cloth. Don’t soak them directly in water, but rub them gently with the cloth. Let them dry off and store them properly inside the jewelry box so that your earrings don’t get scratched.


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