Tanzanite Jewelry

With its deep blue color and elegant charm, tanzanite jewelry makes any outfit stand out. Whether you don on a tanzanite ring or a pair of elegant tanzanite earrings, you instantly upgrade your look. Add a pop of color to your off-white cashmere sweater with a tanzanite pendant necklace or draw attention to a formal event with a beautiful tanzanite cuff. Tanzanite is also the birthstone of December, which makes it even more special. If you are looking for tanzanite jewelry for yourself or as a gift to somebody dear, scroll down. Our gorgeous collection of tanzanite pieces was created to help you choose the best gemstone jewelry that matches your style. Minimal and dainty or bold and chic, tanzanite pieces have an air of timeless elegance that cannot be matched by any other gemstone.

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How to style tanzanite jewelry?

Its beautiful deep blue hue looks gorgeous with pearl jewelry or clear gemstone pieces. For example, a tanzanite pendant necklace goes great with a pair of diamond studs or a beaded pearl bracelet. Since this gemstone is very elegant, it is perfect to wear to a formal event. However, you can also style your tanzanite jewelry with a cocktail dress or a more casual outfit. And, of course, another great idea is to layer a tanzanite birthstone necklace with other gold necklaces to create a contemporary look. If you are going for a statement look with your necklace stack, then simply wear your tanzanite necklace along with a princess-length pearl necklace and a gold lariat.

How to clean gemstone jewelry?

When you are cleaning your tanzanite jewelry or any other gemstone jewelry for that matter, try not to soak it in water. You can use a jewelry brush or a lint-free cloth that you soak in a bit of lukewarm water with a few drops of dishwater detergent. Rub your jewelry very gently to avoid scratching the gemstone. As with any other gemstone jewelry, you should also have the setting inspected regularly. This way you can make sure that the gemstone is secure and you don’t end up losing it. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it safely inside the jewelry box.


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