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Sterling Silver Jewelry


Contemporary, fresh and beautiful, sterling silver jewelry is a must-have for any woman. Whether you love sterling silver studs or intricate silver necklaces, you need the brilliance of silver in your jewelry collection. There is also the never-ending debate between silver and gold, but a true jewelry lover knows that both metals are stunning and necessary. And guess what? Mixing silver and gold is not a faux-pas anymore. It has become a style statement. Scroll down to see our sterling silver jewelry collection and add a couple of unique designer pieces to your collection. Get your polished silver bracelets, your textured silver necklaces or your stylish sterling silver earrings from Ana Luisa to experience the styling power of unique jewelry....Read more

How to style sterling silver jewelry?

Get a power look for your next business meeting by wearing a sterling silver chain bracelet and a sharp off-white suit. Wear your hair up and choose silver linear drop earrings to create a cohesive look. Yes, you also need stiletto shoes and a solitaire silver ring. You can also take this look one step further and, instead of a solitaire ring, wear a silver signet ring.

How to clean sterling silver jewelry?

One of the problems with silver jewelry is that it can get tarnished. Clean your sterling silver jewelry regularly using a damp microfiber cloth. To prevent tarnish, wear your jewelry as much as you can. Sterling silver jewelry tends to get tarnished when kept in the jewelry box for too long. Also, if you notice tarnish, all you have to do is polish your jewelry with a silver polishing cloth or take it to the jewelry shop for professional polishing.