Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver earrings have a contemporary vibe that we can’t get enough of. From simple silver studs to elaborate silver drop earrings, every woman needs to have at least one pair of sterling silver earrings in her jewelry box. And because we love the elegant luster of silver earrings so much, we have put together a collection of unique sterling silver earrings. Discover our oversized silver hoops, our link chain drop earrings or our unique elegant silver earrings below.

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Why & where to get sterling silver earrings?

Silver earrings have a way of adding a contemporary vibe to any outfit. They also emphasize gemstone jewelry with gems in cold tones, like sapphire and amethyst and work fantastic with all the colors. As opposed to gold jewelry, that doesn’t work so well with an orange blouse, for example, sterling silver jewelry looks fabulous with any color. Moreover, sterling silver earrings are hypoallergenic, durable and great for any occasion. And if you want to get a unique pair of sterling silver earrings, get them from Ana Luisa. All of our silver earrings are carefully handcrafted.

How to wear sterling silver earrings?

Get a style makeover with a new pair of silver earrings. We love medium-sized thick silver hoops because they look elegant and creative at the same time. Wear your sterling silver hoops with an elegant bun, a navy blazer with straight lines and crop trousers. Add a pair of silver pumps, a silver collar necklace and a solitaire ring with a clear gemstone to create a fresh and contemporary look.

How to clean sterling silver earrings?

Get a soft jewelry brush and clean your earrings periodically. Pay attention to the backing as well because that is where the dirt builds up. To prevent your sterling silver earrings from getting tarnished, wear them as much as you can. In case your earrings do get tarnished, don’t despair. You can simply use a silver polishing cloth to remove the tarnish layer and make them look as new. Be careful not to rub too hard, though. If you notice the tarnish layer is too thick to remove at home, take your sterling silver earrings to the jeweler’s for professional polishing. 


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