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Nature-inspired designs are big this season and shell jewelry is the biggest of them. Chic, beautiful and bohemian, shell jewelry is absolutely fabulous. Looking to spruce up your jewelry collection with a couple of new pieces? Then look no further than our collection composed of shell-inspired designs. Because we love this trend and we also love jewelry, we have carefully curated a selection of pieces that will get you dreaming about the ocean. Gold shell anklets, chic shell stud earrings, and fabulous jewelry are waiting for you below. Scroll down to discover our collection and get the jewelry pieces that match your personal style.

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Why & where to buy shell jewelry?

You need shell jewelry because it is chic, cute and feminine. It always reminds us of long summer days and it is nice to wear at festivals or at the seaside. Shell jewelry also goes great with pearls and it can be very elegant. And last, but not least, you need a bit of diversity in your jewelry collection and this kind of jewelry has that fun & playful vibe that you are looking for. If you want to get the best shell designs and discover unique jewelry, then get your fabulous pieces from Ana Luisa.

How to style shell jewelry?

Wear a dainty gold anklet with shell charms and a midi off-white lace dress. Choose flat sandals in a muted color and a pair of turquoise earrings to add a splash of color. Continue accessorizing with a couple of bangle bracelets and wear a flower headband to complete your look. If you want to create a theme, then choose shell studs and a pearl solitaire ring to match your other jewelry.

How to clean shell jewelry?

Use a jewelry brush with soft bristles and warm water. Clean your jewelry gently until you remove all the dirt. Let the shell jewelry dry off then store it properly inside the jewelry box. While you can wear your pieces to a pool party or at the beach, make sure to take them off before getting into the water. Also, keep your shell jewelry away from harsh chemicals like perfumes and body lotions.


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