Religious Jewelry

It may surprise you, but religious jewelry is edgy and fashionable. From minimal cross necklaces to highly detailed pendants and other religious symbols from other cultures, religious jewelry is not so much about religion, but rather about style. Want to get a chic & mysterious religious jewelry piece? That’s great because we have put together a fantastic collection of gorgeous religious jewelry that you will fall in love with. Get a silver cross necklace to fend off vampires, a gold cross necklace, a delicate Virgin Mary pendant or an edgy Shiva necklace. Scroll down to see our religious jewelry collection and choose the pieces that match your personal style.

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Why buy religious jewelry?

Whether you are a religious person or not, you should own at least one piece with a religious symbol. Such a jewelry piece has a mystical charm that looks fantastic with a boho-chic or rock inspired outfit. It can also be very creative and it is always a conversation starter at parties. Whenever you want to be edgy, a religious jewelry piece paired with the right outfit, will look stunning and make you feel fabulous.

How to wear religious jewelry?

Get a multi-patterned chiffon maxi dress with a deep-V neckline and put on a Shiva charm necklace or even a gold cross necklace. Wear a headband with the same pattern as your maxi dress and accessorize this look with a pair of medium-sized hoop earrings. To complete the look, add a couple of thin gold bangles and flat sandals. If you’d rather keep it more minimal, leave the bangles at home and wear a gold signet ring instead.

How to care for religious jewelry?

Depending on the metal and whether it has gemstones, there are several methods to care for your religious jewelry. Clean it gently using a soft jewelry brush to reach the hard places. Regardless of the metal, don’t soak your religious jewelry in water, but use a damp microfiber cloth. If your jewelry features gemstones, have the settings inspected once a year to make sure the gems are secured. If you own a silver religious jewelry piece, polish it regularly to remove tarnish and keep it shiny and beautiful. 


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