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If you are looking for a glam black onyx ring, you have come to the right place. To help you choose a fabulous ring we have put together a collection of beautiful onyx rings that you will love. With its polished look and unique glam, an onyx ring is exactly what you need for a sharp suit or even a maxi summer dress. As for the design, choose a signet ring or one that features the gemstone in a bezel setting so that the beautiful black onyx is always protected from bumps and scratches. Get a unique retro vibe with a black onyx signet ring.




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What does a black onyx ring mean & why to get one?
In many cultures, people believe that a black onyx ring, whether set in gold or silver, will absorb the negative energy and soothe the wearer. Black onyx is also the birthstone for Leo, so besides its calming properties, a ring with an onyx gemstone is also an ideal present for those born under this star sign. Astrology and legends aside, a black onyx ring is also a glamorous jewelry piece that works well with any other gemstone jewelry. It exudes confidence and power and attracts attention.

How to wear an onyx ring?
It doesn’t matter on which finger you choose to wear the onyx ring, but it does matter how you style it. Get a glam black & white look by wearing this ring with a white blazer and tailored trousers. Feature the sleek black color of your ring in your earrings as well with black gemstone studs. Wear a single black pearl pendant to complete the look.

How to clean an onyx ring?

Onyx is not a very hard gemstone so avoid mechanical cleaning methods. Instead, soak a soft cloth in warm water and clean it gently. You can also use a soft jewelry brush. Make sure to dry it and never polish the gemstone or you can scratch it. When wearing your black onyx ring, avoid intense physical activities or activities that can cause you to bump the ring.


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