Moonstone Ring

The moonstone ring is a feminine and romantic jewelry piece. Some people even prefer a moonstone ring as an alternative to a diamond engagement ring because of its mysterious inner glow and the fascinating stories surrounding this gem. Whether you are one of these people or not, you need a moonstone ring in your jewelry box. Get a vintage-inspired moonstone ring with a big gemstone in a bezel setting or choose a contemporary minimal ring with the moonstone in a flush setting. Regardless of your style, in our collection you will discover the moonstone ring that will charm you and make you fall in love.




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Why & where to buy a moonstone ring?
An old legend says that when two people wear moonstone rings, they will passionately fall in love when the moon is high. With such an interesting and romantic legend behind it, do you need any more reasons to get a moonstone ring? Just in case you do, know that a ring featuring a moonstone gem is a unique piece. The inner glow of the moonstone is famous because no other gemstone looks as if the light is coming from within it. Also, a moonstone ring is elegant and easy to style with other jewelry and clothes, regardless of their color.

How to wear a moonstone ring?
Style a feminine and gorgeous look by wearing your moonstone ring with a flowy midi chiffon dress. Put on a denim jacket and a pair of flat sandals. Keep all of your jewelry in the same tone with a chic pearl pendant and a pair of pearl studs. Wear your hair in a messy updo and choose a light pink lipstick. You can also add a couple of gold bangles or even a gold anklet with moonstone charms.

How to clean a moonstone ring?

Never use mechanical cleaning methods for the moonstone or you can damage it. Beautiful and unique, this gem is not a very hard one, so you should only clean it manually. It doesn’t like water either. Simply use a damp microfiber cloth and dry your ring immediately. To prevent dirt from building up at the shank, use a soft jewelry brush. Never polish the moonstone or you may end up scratching it.

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