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March 2021 Jewelry


Stay updated with the newest spring jewelry trends and Ana Luisa’s creations with our March 2021 jewelry collection. From exciting co-creations designed by your favorite fashion influencers to dainty pendant necklaces, gemstone earrings, and essential chain bracelets, our spring jewelry collection deserves a bookmark in your browser. Elevate any cashmere sweater with a gold pendant necklace, add a dainty touch to your everyday look with chain earrings, or show your edgy style with stacked Figaro bracelets. Keep on scrolling to discover our new arrivals collection....Read more

What to look for in March 2021 jewelry collection

Unwrapping a new jewelry piece is exciting and fun. But when it’s a piece from our spring jewelry collection, unwrapping it means pure joy. If you are into minimalistic jewelry, then you will find all your favorite essentials with unique & edgy designs. However, if you like a bit of sparkle with your daily outfit, then our cubic zirconia earrings may be exactly what you are looking for. A woman who appreciates delicate jewelry will be very excited to discover our dainty necklaces. In other words, our March 2021 jewelry collection comes with a unique selection of pieces meant to suit your style. It’s enough to take one look at this carefully curated collection to understand that, at Ana Luisa, we truly celebrate the diversity of femininity.

How to care for fine jewelry

Owning a piece of jewelry also means taking good care of it. It is mandatory to clean your jewelry using a damp microfiber cloth. Don’t soak your earrings directly in water and don’t use harsh chemicals on your favorite necklace. Alternatively, you can also clean your pieces with a soft jewelry brush. For gemstone jewelry, make sure to inspect the setting from time to time. You also need to be careful how you store your jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets are safe on a necklace tree and it prevents them from getting tangled. Your earrings and rings, on the other hand, need to stay inside your jewelry box. And last, but not least, jewelry is meant to be loved and worn. So enjoy our March 2021 jewelry collection and choose your favorites.