Gold Hoop Earrings

Glamorous, fun and always in fashion gold hoop earrings are favorite jewelry pieces for many women. Classic gold hoops, medium-sized versatile hoop earrings, twisted gold hoops or oversized hoop earrings – you name it, we have it in a special collection that we dedicated to all hoop lovers from everywhere. Scroll down to discover unique gold hoop earrings that you can wear on multiple occasions. Get a pair of mismatched hoops for a creative look, a pair of mini gold hoop earrings for workdays or a glamorous pair of large hoops for nights out with your friends. Discover our gold hoop earrings collection and get the hoops that represent your style.

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Why & where to get gold hoop earrings?

Think of gold hoop earrings as Santa’s little helpers for your everyday charm. Your work outfits, your little black dress or your summer vibe silk top all look extra-glam with hoop earrings. You can play with them and wear your hair up to make your hoops a statement or you can let them peak through the hair strands to get a rebellious vibe. No other earring types work better with various hairstyles than gold hoops earrings. And if you need even more reasons to get a chic pair of gold hoops, think of all the ways you can make them personal by adding a fabulous charm to them.

How to wear gold hoop earrings?

Get a fabulous summer vibe by wearing your large gold hoops with an off-the-shoulder top in a pastel color. Choose one with a sweetheart neckline or a simple tank top. Add a dainty gold chain necklace and wear your hair in a half-up, half-down style. Choose a pair of high-waist shorts or an asymmetrical skirt to complete your outfit. If you want to stay cohesive with the theme, you can add a couple of thin gold bangles. To get a contrasting look, swap the bangles for a turquoise cuff.

How to clean gold hoop earrings?

Clean them with a damp cloth soaked in water and dry them off immediately using a microfiber cloth. For the backing, use a soft jewelry brush to clean the dirt build-up. Keep your gold hoop earrings away from harsh chemicals and water and make sure to store them property inside your jewelry box every time you take them off.


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