Evil Eye Necklace

With its interesting stories and legends, the evil eye necklace is not only a chic jewelry piece but also one with a lot of history. Feel like diving into that mysterious charm of the evil eye necklace? Say no more. We have prepared a unique collection of gold necklaces that feature the evil eye symbol so all that is left for you to do is to choose your favorite one. With delicate or intricate gold link chains, with chic pendants and various lengths, the evil eye necklaces in our collection will become your new jewelry addiction. Wear this beautiful symbol around your neck and feel the power of impeccable styling.

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Why wear an evil eye necklace?

Some people believe that this necklace will protect them from harm. While we can’t vouch for that, we strongly believe that an evil eye necklace will boost your style. You can wear it whenever you want to get a boho-chic look or feel like adding a creative touch to your outfit. It’s also a great conversation starter at parties because the evil eye necklace comes with a lot of interesting stories and legends.

How to wear an evil eye necklace?

Get your gold evil eye necklace and wear it with a solid color turtleneck shirt to draw attention to it. Put on a pair of delicate earrings and bring back the vintage theme with a signet ring. We love this look with a midi skirt and a messy updo hairstyle.

Where to buy an evil eye necklace & how to care for it

Check out our fab collection of evil eye necklaces and choose the one that you love. Caring for an evil eye necklace is easy as long as you make sure to store it separate from your other jewelry so that the chain doesn’t get tangled. Also, keep it away from water and chemicals and don’t try to polish the pendant at home or you might scratch it. Simply take it to the jeweler’s for professional polishing once a year and your evil eye necklace will always look shiny and beautiful.


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