Evil Eye Jewelry

With its mysterious vibe and unique design, evil eye jewelry is fabulous. We love jewelry pieces with a story behind them and this particular design is meant to ward off evil spirits. While we cannot say much about evil spirits, we have a lot to say about evil eye jewelry. From dainty evil eye necklaces to unique rings, bracelets and even earrings, this kind of jewelry is spectacular. And because we know you share our love for unique & high-quality jewelry pieces, we have a surprise for you. Scroll down to discover our evil eye featured collection where you will get to see gorgeous jewelry pieces.

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Why & where to buy evil eye jewelry?

Maybe you want a classy jewelry piece that you can also wear on Halloween. Maybe you have some evil spirits to chase off. Or maybe you simply love fashionable jewelry. We believe that all of these are valid reasons to buy evil eye jewelry and we can even add some more reasons. Pieces featuring the evil eye are not only fashionable but also great conversation starters at parties. It is also really easy to style a chic pendant necklace with an evil eye design, for example. So if you want to get a gorgeous jewelry piece with an edgy vibe, get it from Ana Luisa’s collection.

How to style evil eye jewelry?

Wear a sleek evil eye coin necklace and make sure to choose a solid color blouse in either navy or green. This way, your necklace will stand out. Accessorize your evil eye jewelry with a pair of simple gold earrings, like bad studs or medium-sized hoops. You can also wear a cuff bracelet or a chunky gold ring. Choose a pair of tailored trousers and stiletto shoes and you are ready to go out and fight the evil spirits.

How to clean evil eye jewelry?

TClean your evil eye jewelry with a soft lint-free cloth soaked in warm water. You can just rub your pieces gently until they are clean. After that, let your jewelry dry off. When you are not wearing it, keep it inside the jewelry box or on a necklace tree (for necklaces).


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