Birthstone Necklace

Make sure to get your limited-edition birthstone jewelry from Ana Luisa if you want to enjoy a unique pendant necklace crafted in sterling silver & gold and featuring a flawless gemstone pendant!

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Why & where to buy a birthstone necklace?

A birthstone necklace is like your signature piece. It is personal, chic and always easy to incorporate in your daily style. Some people also believe that wearing your birthstone brings good luck. And while we cannot guarantee that, we have made sure to double our chances of luck with our designs. Our birthstone necklaces are inspired by the beauty of vintage coin jewelry and feature a surprising mix of sterling silver and solid gold. So go ahead and get your necklace from Ana Luisa.

What is my birthstone?

There are more than twelve birthstones because some months have more than one gem. However, we have decided to select the most surprising gems to each month and this is how our birthstone necklace collection was born. If you are celebrating your birthday in January, then get a garnet necklace. If it is February, amethyst is your gemstone. Those of you born in March should wear aquamarine, while April stands for diamonds. Emerald is the gemstone of May, while moonstone is June’s. If you are born in July, then you should get a ruby necklace, while August is the month if peridot. The perfect birthstone necklace if you are born in September is sapphire. October is all about opals, while November is the month of citrine. Last, but not least, your birthstone necklace is tanzanite if you are born in December. Also, after getting your birthstone necklace, you can also get one for your BFF, sister or mother. They will surely appreciate your gift and the fact that you pay attention to details. Be happy and make other people happy with sleek birthstone necklaces.


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