14k Gold Jewelry

14k gold jewelry is gorgeous, durable and elegant. It has a unique color and a polished texture that draws attention. But you don’t have to take our words for it. All you have to do is scroll down and check out our 14k gold jewelry collection. From oversized 14k gold hoops to solid gold stud earrings and other fabulous jewelry pieces, we have prepared a stunning collection for you. Go ahead and steal a peak. We promise we won’t tell anybody. Get your stylish and unique gold jewelry from Ana Luisa to experience the power of great styling.

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Why & where to buy 14k gold jewelry?

You have a couple of option when it comes to solid gold jewelry, but be believe that 14k gold jewelry is the best. 14k gold is more durable than 18k or 22k gold and it doesn’t get scratched as easily. It is also more convenient and it allows you to build your jewelry collection faster. Not to mention that solid gold jewelry is beautiful, easy to style and always glamorous, even when you are wearing sneakers and crop tops. So get your solid gold jewelry from Ana Luisa and have fun wearing unique & stunning designs.

How to style 14k gold jewelry?

What do you say about an edgy look that involves stacking earrings? Get a pair of large 14k gold hoop earrings and a couple of studs. If you have only one piercing in each ear, you can also get fake piercing earrings. Wear your big gold hoops with studs or huggies so that you can create an ear party. Accessorize your 14k gold jewelry with other gold pieces like a chunky ring or a long coin necklace. Wear a summery crop top and a pair of ripped denim shorts. Tie up this glam-rock style with a studded leather bracelet or studded boots.

How to clean 14k gold jewelry?

Use a damp microfiber cloth to rub your 14k gold jewelry gently in order to clean it. Don’t soak it into the water and keep it away from chemicals. Use a gold polishing cloth once or twice a year to polish your jewelry and restore its sleek luster.



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